Birth Name: Andre Young
D.O.B: October 7, 19_ _

Nationality : Jamaican
Located: Jamaica

Do you travel: Yes, United States
and the Caribbean.

Are you a people person: Definitely.

Choice of Camera: Nikon D5100
Favorite Lens: 50 MM and 17-50mm

Editing Programs:
Photoshop and Lightroom

My aim is for you to be comfortable
with every shoot, and love every image as much as I do.


#baby Kaelen by @andredesignzcom #Andredesignz

#Andredesignz @andredesignzcom

Be your own person. Don’t act like someone you’re not. Train yourself to be better every day. Spread positivity and open people’s minds. @andredesignz

#andredesignz by @andredesignzcom

You don’t have to expose the fakeness in people. In due time they will expose themselves. Just do you! #Andredesignz @andredesignz

A restaurant logo. #andredesignz @andredesignzcom

#TylerAndreYoung #mugshot. 🙈 @andredesignz #Andredesignz


Lame Cay beach. Have you ever been there before? Photo by #andredesignz @andredesignzcom

#TylerAndreYoung says good morning!!!!! #Andredesignz

#Saturday evening in #MontegoBay #Jamaica by @andredesignz #Andredesignz


@andredesignzcom: I won’t pretend to be perfect, but I will give you the best version of me there is. #andredesignz

When you trust God with everything, you can stop worrying about everything. He will take you where you’re meant to go. Trust His timing. @andredesignz