Birth Name: Andre Young
D.O.B: October 7, 19_ _

Nationality : Jamaican
Located: Jamaica

Do you travel: Yes, United States
and the Caribbean.

Are you a people person: Definitely.

Choice of Camera: Nikon D5100
Favorite Lens: 50 MM and 17-50mm

Editing Programs:
Photoshop and Lightroom

My aim is for you to be comfortable
with every shoot, and love every image as much as I do.

A strong person isn’t one who never falls, it is one who never stay down no matter how big the fall is. You can’t hold them down. #proven #fact #andredesignz


Boudoir Shoot

#tylerandreyoung and @andredesignzcom doing a #selfie 😁😁😁

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@andreDESIGNZcom: I’m not popular but I have good friends. I’m not rich but I have what I need. Sometimes I’m not liked but I know I am loved. #andredesignz

@dwkimmeh @reggaesumfest #2014 with #andredesignz

Janine Skittles-Lacey

Profile Shot by Andredesignz

#Boudoir shoot today. #andredesignz

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